The Goodness of A2 Milk

We are on a mission to revive the goodness of A2 Milk & By - Products from the Gir and Desi cows.


Best in Class

We offer exemplary and state of the art lab services to bring our cows the best medication and latest technology in genetics


Our Products

From our farm to your home, we ensure the highest standards in all our products


Lab Services

Our state of the art Lab services brings you the most modern technology in the field of bovine testing and genetics


The secret that makes it special – The Hump

Gir cows, also known as Vedic cows, have a distinctive hump. This hump has a specific vein called “Surya Ketu Nadi”, which after absorbing solar energy from the sun, produces golden salts in its blood stream. These salts are passed into its milk, thus giving it the typical golden colour.

Essence of A2 Milk in Ayurvedha for better health

Gir cows, whose milk and milk products have valuable medicinal properties, is now a much sought after breed not only in India, but also the whole world. Even its urine and dung is used to prepare many ayurvedic medicines which are in great demand all across India and abroad.

Reviving the Desi Cows from Gir

Imported A1 milk producing European cow breeds because of their yielding capacity were once cross bred with our indigenous cow population which were gradually slaughtered or replaced. A2mate was founded with the vision of reviving the Gir and Desi cow brands and the goodness of farm fresh A2 milk.

A2 Milk Products


Quantities Available
500 ml,   1 Lt
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Quantities Available
500 ml
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Quantities Available
100 ml,   500 ml,   1 Lt
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Benefits of A2 Milk

Every drop of milk in every bottle of A2mate is processed with the dream to bring the healthiest and wholesome A2 milk and milk products, to your door step.Be a part of our mission to spread the benefits of A2 milk across households everywhere.

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Aamro Dairies:Producing Highest Standard Of A2 Variant Of Milk

Aamro Freight is headed by its Executive Director, Ms Veena Muralidharan, based out of Dubai", highlights Muralidharan.

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വരുന്നു, ആദികേശ് പുതിയ ക്ഷീരചരിത്രം എഴുതാൻ

കണ്ണിനുള്ളിൽ നീ കൺമണി...ഭ്രൂണമാറ്റത്തിലൂടെ (ഇൻവിട്രോ ഫെർടിലൈസേഷൻ– എംബ്രിയോ ട്രാൻസ്ഫർ) ജനിച്ച കേരളത്തിലെ ആദ്യത്തെ ഗീർ വിഭാഗം

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in acknowledgement of its unwavering focus and dedication to achieve excellence in quality and delivery in this field.

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