The Frozen Yogurt at Aamro Dairies is a recipe that carefully and diligently combines all natural ingredients. These are procured from the origins of the best in quality of each individual ingredient, either be it the nutritious milk from our best nurtured Gir cows or vanilla and cocoa and strawberries from the Western Ghats. We take care to ensure the components that go into making a delicious scoop of delight are of natural substances without the use of chemicals or artificial agents that enhance the longevity and flavoring of the product.

This melt in the mouth, creamy healthy alternative to an ice cream sundae is all you need during those times of blissful indulgence.


We procure the best vanilla from the vanilla fields of Western Ghats spreading across states of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Vanilla is predominantly grown in these parts of India and supplied to the rest of the states and globally.


While our cocoa is mainly sourced from Tamilnadu and Kerala; our diligence is on non-alkalized cocoa; a more naturalized way of processing of cocoa. We cannot stress enough on the selection process of the cocoa beans that are shaped and made into chocolate bars and syrups.


Real fruit pulp is what we use to flavor our frozen yogurts. Ripe and plump strawberries from the Panchgani hills of Maharashtra, are picked during the season and frozen for use throughout the year to ensure that our connoisseurs are given the natural fruit in its best state at all times.


Alphonoso mango pulp sourced from Ratnagiri, Konkan regions and other parts of Maharashtra are used in the preparation of this flavorful frozen yogurt that reminds you of all those summers spent at your ancestral homes gorging on juicy mangoes.