Our laboratory services include all leading tests in the bovine industry ranging from milk analysis to complex DNA analysis. We are among the very few A2 Milk Dairy farms in India that conduct Somatic Cell Count (SCC) of the milk of all lactating cows to ensure the milk we provide is mastitis free.


We are the only private Dairy farm in India, who has the capability of extracting DNA from cow blood, milk and even hair follicles, using the state-of-the-art PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) machines. We undertake tests to determine A1/A2 beta casein, which ensure the purity of the breed. With this test the farmers are assured that they have the pure Indian breed rather than a cross breed.

In addition to A1/A2 tests, we also do Brucellosis, tuberculosis and FMD tests using our PCR machine.


We also use NIR (Near Infrared Machine) to check each and every constituent of milk as well as , yogurt, ice cream mix, paneer, cheese, cream, ghee, feed, pulses and TMR. The NIR machine ensures that the same consistency for all your products is maintained. We have a Laboratory for proximate analysis as well to provide inputs to the NIR machine so that the machine is accurately calibrated in real-time to ensure 100 percent test accuracy. We offer these services at a very reduced rate to farmers and other business owners who wish to ensure quality and consistency in the products they sell.


We also conduct diagnostics test to ensure that the cow you have is free from any diseases which are common to dairy farms. We highly recommend that you conduct the A1/A2 tests and as well as diagnostics test to ensure that you have pure and disease-free cows in your farm. You can also use our services before you purchase new cows so that you are assured that you are purchasing the right cow or bull.

We use Real Time PCR to carry out our tests. We extract DNA from either the hair follicle, blood, or milk samples of the animal to be tested. The easiest way is to remove a few hairs with the follicles. Details of how to collect the follicles with images will be sent to your email Id upon order confirmation. You will get your test results within 24 hours.