Best in class A2 milk from healthy Desi cows

A2mate is a product of Aamro Dairies and was founded with the vision of reviving the Gir and other Desi cow milk and its byproducts. About 60 years ago, when India started importing A1 milk producing European breeds like Jersey, Holstein and Swiss Brown, our precious local cows were either slaughtered or cross bred with the imported cows, thus losing their identity which resulted in the almost disappearance of our indigenous cow population. Our mother’s milk is A2 milk and next best thing to it is A2 milk from our desi cows. As many native breeders have realised the mistake of overlooking native cows, we at Aamro Dairies have taken the lead in only rearing indigenous breeds focusing on the best; Gir cows.

Aamro Dairies is part of the Aamro Group which comprises of Aamro Freight and Shipping, Aamro Aviation and the Aamro Dairies.

Our founder and CEO, Mr. Murali Nair started Aamro Freight and Shipping Services in Dubai in 2004. Our freight forwarding and shipping services cater to Fortune 500 companies from varied industries such as Telecommunications, Automotive, Aero Space ad Medical Equipment to name a few. We operate more than 200 Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs) and offer Importer and Exporter of Record services across all major countries. We have our Corporate office which is our flagship office and warehouse situated near the Dubai Al Maktoum Airport.

In 2016, he started Aamro Aviation in Florida, USA. This was started with the vision of imparting quality pilot education to aspiring pilots. We operate mostly Diamond aircrafts which are of superior standards. We offer training in order to achieve private pilot license, instrument rating, certified flight instructor license, multi engine rating and commercial pilot license.

Our Mission

Creating an awareness about A2 variant of milk and its health benefits and to create a better breed of our indigenous Gir cow and bring better bloodlines into their evolution

Our promise

Best Dairy Practices

To follow highest standards of dairy upkeep and milking


Nutrition Rich

To maintain absolute purity and keep the taste and feel of the milk all natural and intact


Hygienic and Pure

To ensure highest level of hygiene at our farm right from the feeding, milking and handling to delivery of fresh milk

A2 Advantage

To deliver fresh A2 type milk from Indian Gir breed which is much more nutritious and digestible than other types of cow milk

A Product of Aamro Dairies

From Dairy to Dining, our fresh A2milk is truly a delight